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For example, in a rear end collision, claims investigators could determine the speed of the vehicle at the time of impact; this could provide evidence that bodily injury claims, such as whiplash, are exaggerated or improbable. Today, analysts estimate between 13 and 17 percent of claims paid to be fraudulent,14 resulting in excess payments of between $6 billion and $8 billion annually. Every incremental 10 percent reduction in fraudulent claims could result in industrywide savings of up to $800 million. 15Reviewing a portfolio with a fresh lens and developing a perspective on the future and associated timing is a critical first step in moving forward. This view will help insurers identify gaps in current and planned offerings—and where and when opportunities to bring new products to new markets may exist. For instance, carriers with few commercial offerings may find themselves scrambling to replace personal lines premium as they shift to commercial and autonomous system product liability policies.

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